South of Mexico, on the eastern coast of Central America, is Belize. Belize is a fantastic destination for vacationers because of the warm climate. It has everything that they could imagine because it has a lot of things to do and see in it. Knowing more about the area will help people decide on visiting it as soon as possible.

Interesting Facts About Belize

With a population of around 400,000 people, Belize is quite a place to live, work, or visit. There are 450 islands in Belize so people can enjoy the waters in so many ways. The islands are called Cayes. With an average temperature of 80 degrees, people will really get enjoy many outdoor activities. They love the climate and all that there is to do and see.

Great Tourist Attractions To Visit In Belize

There are so many great places for people to see in Belize. When they take the time to make an itinerary for themselves, they will get to see plenty of them. It’s a good idea to make sure that they take a good camera along when they are sightseeing so that they can get plenty of great pictures. Here are some of the best that they should make sure that they see while they are there:


With clear waters, this is a great place for people to snorkel. They will enjoy a large amount of sea life in the area. There are four zones to this area called sea-grass beds, Shark Ray Alley, mangroves, and reef all providing great ways to enjoy the water and the area.


This is a tourist attraction that visitors will want to make sure that they while they are there. This attraction has three large pyramids that make for wonderful picture taking.


This great site is a 25-mile island. Snorkelers and other people will just love it. San Pedro has great restaurants located right on the beach. People will also be able to enjoy great shopping and nightlife in the area.


The Great Blue Hole is a dive site that is one of the best in the world. There are all-day trips for divers that are advanced or experienced.

Currency Exchange In Belize

Visitors to Belize will have no problem understanding the currency. For every 2$ Belize to 1$ USD, people will be able to tell what everything costs so that they can afford to do what they want. Almost all the places in the area will accept US currency making it very easy for people to pay for what they want to buy and what sites they want to see.

The Language In Belize

Most of the people in Belize speak English. English is the official language but the people speak Kriol too. Since this is the case, most people find that it is easy to get answers to their questions so that they can get around the area easily.

The People In Belize

The people of the area are friendly and welcoming. They are nice to visitors and they will help them in any way that they can. With 8 different cultures in the country that is located in the Caribbean, there are a variety of customs and traditions that happen all over the area. Whenever people arrive in the area, they should find out what is planned so that they can meet and enjoy the locals and the things that they do depend on what time of the year it is.

Places To Stay In The Area

There are all kinds of places to stay in the country. They vary from resorts, hotels, to other types of accommodation. Once they figure out where they want to stay, they want to book their reservations as soon as possible so that they have a place to stay when they get there.

Making plans for a trip to Belize is worth it. It might be time for you to book your trip so that you can enjoy the fantastic country that has a lot to see and do in it. You want to be sure that you plan your trip right so that you can get the most out of it.

Returning Home

After an incredible trip to Belize you may decide to head back home to the United States or even go on to another adventure! If you decide to head back to the states we definitely recommend visiting Reno Nevada for a weekend trip. In the near future we will be adding articles about other areas of interest to travel to all around the world as our website grows.